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Hi, I'am Frank
Hi to All,

I came across UserSpice few months ago while searching on G for a user management script. Also checked & tested the UserCake, but now I prefer the latest version of UserSpice. I'am trying to customize it for a project but find it difficult to achieve extensionless URLs. I am familiar with all .htaccess stuff. However, I attempted few times but always get a 404 error. Also, changed the pages in the database. It could be z_us_root.php OR init.php stopping it. But no luck. Can somebody help me please? Thank you.

Continuing on UserSpice 4.x forum.
Are you saying you're looking for something like apache mod rewrite that will rewrite your urls to get rid of the .php extensions?

Thanks for the quick response.
I am continuing this topic on https://userspice.com/forums/topic/extentionless-login/.


P.S. You may close this topic from here as more discussions on the same will be continued under UserSpice 4.x.
I came here only to say Hi to all. Thanks.

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