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US4 Needs Batch Modify For Various Operation
When creating a new user group, with US3, you need to go through every private page to modify permissions. How hard would it be to create a feature for mass/batch modifying the permissions for private pages or a selection of pages?
I'm definitely working on that. There is an INSANE amount of logic that goes into securing these pages, but yeah, I agree, the ability to bulk select a group of pages and add them to a group needs to happen and that's one of the first things on my list after getting the new version stable.

One of the things is that I didn't write UserCake. It was written in 2009 by someone else, so it basically took me re-writing the entire system from scratch to truly understand how it did what it did. It was brilliant for its time, but I think we can take it a lot farther. I definitely appreciate the input.

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