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Why is UserSpice 4 so much bigger?
The download for UserSpice 4 is a little bit over 3x the size of the one from UserSpice 3. I know that sounds like totally inefficient coding, but it's not...really. The core of the program is almost the exact size as US3, maybe a little smaller. All the extra heft is caused by composer. Some people have a hard time configuring composer, so I decided to do it for you. The good news is that those files aren't being called constantly, so it really doesn't affect the performance of your site.

Just the opposite, actually. The new code is much smaller and better written. Not perfect, but better. There are no more long php echoes that have to be rendered twice. The functions file is half the size of the old 3.x one.

So what do you get with composer? You get a VERY flexible mailing service that lets you use nearly any email technology. You also get database migrations. This is HUGE. Now, I don't have to be afraid to mess with the schema of the database tables as functionality expands. Users can simply "migrate" to the new setup.

If there are outcries over the new file size, I'd be happy to make a stripped down version that will be about the size of the old one.

To check out all that composer brings to the table, check out...

Also, to get an idea of the thousands of php packages that are at your disposal now that you have composer, check out...

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