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I always get a little worried...
When choosing software new software to put in a 'production' (if you will) environment. It's not that I don't do it very often, because I (used too anyways, but I am slowing curbing that habit) do it frequently. The real issue is my first experience with the software during my r&d honeymoon phase.

So no shit, there I was (or here I am) looking to build some software from scratch because 'boxed' software has gotten to big, to messy, to out of control and it tries to do too damn much which makes is overly complex (a la the Microsoft stack (or whatever is your bane(sp?))). I don't always have the time, resources, patience or brains for that matter to do everything myself from scratch. So, I decided (can you start a sentence with 'so'?) to build a project (lamp stack) from the ground up and I need a user manager. I might need a fancy schmancy reporting module at some point but I am going to see if I can make it without one. After 5 minutes of searching (so much for r&d) I ended up here. Actually I was on something called cake or frosting or something but regardless.

Here are my first worries...

The new account activation from this site was in my spam folder... which I assume is just from doing some funky MX handling or routing through a personal email account. No biggie I guess.

The first time I tried to set the password it didn't work (maybe user error, it's like 5am here)

When I set the password (the first time that it didn't work) I went back and used the same link in the email and it let me do it again? Does that link reset my password indefinately. <- why does that word have a red squiggly underline under it when it was the suggested spellcheck option?

Who's on first?

not a lot of posts:
- That's okay I can fix that myself, because I plan on posting (bitching about life and software) here 2-3 times a week, even if I am only talking to myself.

I will probably install this UserManager over the weekend and see how it goes...

The UserSpice.com site is built on wordpress and system emails have always been a thorn in my side on that one. There have pretty much always been conflicts with Gmail and system emails, so I'm working through that.

UserSpice itself is a work in progress, built on UserCake. It's a vast improvement over the original. It's not how I would have built it if I was writing it from scratch, but it is functional and does some things that are just a pain in the butt to do if you're coding from scratch.

Up to this point the main point of the project was to give all the UserCake users a direct upgrade path to something with modern encryption, some xss/csrf protection, modern captcha, and responsive design. That has pretty much been accomplished.

To take the project further, I'm going to have to break things that old users depended on. The project will go full PDO and I will start changing the database structure and file structure for efficiency.

That said, if you need something to manage your users and decide who can access what page, UserSpice is a great choice. And since you're starting off with bcrypt, etc, you shouldn't have an problems upgrading.

If you're a developer, I'd love input and feedback. I want to make this better. As you said, so many of these type of projects are either functionally poor or overly complicated. I don't want to force people into things like twig templates just to manage their users.
supertony has nailed it, that's been my experience in finding UserSpice too.

I don't want to have to go OOP just to get access to a reliable user management with Bootstrap plumbed in. Here I've found a framework that fits my coding style perfectly.

Only one gripe from me, it's bit disappointing that the project homepage isn't itself - if you see what I mean.

I'll be here to help where I can and I'll drop you a link for my 1st UserSpice project shortly.


Thanks for the feedback on that. Yeah...my main reason for using wordpress for the UserSpice.com was that I wanted to spend my time coding UserSpice and not forums, etc. Plus, when I first started, it was simply fixing a few security vulnerabilities for UserCake and served as a bridge to later development.

I am going to launch a live demo with UserSpice 4.

It's interesting that you said you didn't want to go full OOP with your project. I just added kind of an an interesting crutch to UserSpice 4. It gives you two cool things.

1. You can query the database using OOP, but the syntax is your regular old sql syntax, like this.
$db = DB::getInstance();
$query = $db->query("SELECT id, name FROM permissions");
$results = $query->results();

2. The second bit of magic comes with that last line. If you run that as listed above, you'll return an object, or an array of objects. However, if you put
$results = $query->results(true);
The entire query will switch to a FETCH_ASSOC which will bring you back a good old-fashioned array or an array of arrays so you don't have to have the rest of your project in an OOP style if you don't want to, but you get all the benefits of PDO.

Finally, the best part is that you can use your own classes and methods to access the database to do your own project and just use mine for the UserSpice portion...and of course, it's fine to make your own queries for the users if you want to add functionality.

Just figured I'd update you. Please let me know any issues you run into.

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