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Thanks for the hard work
I have been looking at Userspice for a couple of months now and I have been given the go-ahead to use it for a project at University instead of using Yii.

A hell of a lot of hard work has obviously been done by you fine chaps, and it is really appreciated. My task now is to build my site in 10 days or so, which is quite a mountain, as I have always found PHP a bit of a black art.

Now if I could just work out where to manipulate the header.......

That's awesome! Glad you like it. What are you trying to do to the header?
I have managed to change the colour, but I would really like to place it in a container rather than a container-fluid.

I am showing my navbar being in the container class, instead of container-fluid. The header itself I am not seeing any styling in. I could be incorrect however, since I am not the best at CSS. I noticed this around line 58, two lines down from:
<!-- Navigation -->

I hope this helps!
I'll have a play around in the morning Brandin.

I honestly think this has some legs. I finish my University studies on Tuesday, and intend having a good look at userspice in my spare time.

Thanks for the help


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