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Dan? Dan!
I have as little of an idea about PHP as an egg would know how to lay an egg. Seriously.

Hi, I am Renegades (o/c this is my screen name) and I am new on the block. I may sound really daft or birdbrained in my questions, but being an egg, that may just be me, lol.

Having said that, and that's why my heading, Dan, …you started coding just over 16 months ago? Wow, I take my head off and bow in front of you! You aren't by any chance related to Albert? Smile Your entire way of explaining, written as in your videos, it's really relaxing just to follow.

Thank you, Dan, not only for that, but also and especially for your fantastic UserSpice. Absolutely fascinating<em>. And thank you also to all the helpful, patient people on this forum who all contribute towards making UserSpace outstandingly unique.

I'm sure I'll start bothering you soon with my annoying questions. For now but, I'll enjoy reading and watching my way through to (hopefully) get some little understanding into my Neuron chamber.
Thanks so much for the nice post. This has been a really fun project and I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's my crazy time at work so it takes me a day or two to respond sometimes, but I pretty much respond to everything. Feel free to ask away!

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