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Does anyone have a quality mouse recommendation?
I haven't been mouse shopping in years and I'm not loving the options out there. I'm looking for a quality mouse for someone with relatively large hands. I bought the Logitech MX Master, but it has some weird scrolling. I miss the days of my Microsoft Intellimouse.
I very sadly retired a MX518 recently Sad

[Image: mousemx518.gif]

Replaced it with kind of weird spawn of MX518 - M-U007, good value and feels alright.

[Image: 24710.png]

Weird that there is a switch between clicky or smooth scrolling - and that only one of them works as a middle mouse wheel in Gimp.
I'm using a Logitech MX Anywhere 2. It does both Bluetooth and Unifying received for wireless connection, plus it recharges through a(ny) micro USB cable. The only thing I don't like about it is that the mouse wheel is NOT a button (only used to switch between click scrolling and fast scrolling). There is a third button that I have gotten used to using which needs to be reconfigured to middle-click instead of whatever Windows 8 crap is default.

As far as the big hands are concerned, this one may or may not fit that department. It has a good grip though and goes on sale from time to time.
I'll have to check those out. I might run down to Best Buy in Anchorage so I can try them. I also bought a DeathAdder Chroma which had fantastic reviews on Amazon, but felt like a $10 mouse to me. I like the feel of the MX Master, but it just keeps scrolling for half a second after I stop and that's really annoying on an expensive mouse. I also like the ability to turn the friction off on the roller, but that doesn't work right either.
This is the MX Master.
[Image: mx-master-gallery.png]
So, I decided to go down to Best Buy. Normally I order everything off of Amazon, but this is something I really wanted to touch/feel. Plus, the prices are comparable. They didn't have any displays of the nicer mice, I was interested in, so I bought 2 for a test run and now my problem is that I like them both.

The Corsair M65 RGB [Image: CG_M65_RGB_K_01_hero_R.png]

The Lenovo Y Mouse [Image: 81goeqh8bdL._SY355_.jpg]

I was really looking for a straight up business type mouse, but most of them seem to be junk. The corsair seems better constructed (aluminum body), but the lenovo is a bit bigger. This is a rough decision.

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