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New function
Enter fields in account.php and join.php as phone number and address for new users. But for already registered users that field is empty in account.php. It will be that you can help me with this, instead of leaving the blank space in the phone number appear a link "add phone number" to user_settings.php
Is seriously? No one?
Sorry. We've been busy trying to figure out some upgrade issues. So address and phone number are not default in userspice. Did you add them to the settings table?

What column names did you use for them? I can help you out.
Can you paste a copy of your modified account.php on pastebin and share the link here?
I'm sorry to interrupt your work, this is my account.php and this is my users table.
Ok. So looking at that, I'm not seeing a form. You would have to make one to update the database...and you're going to need some conditional statements to do what you're trying to do. I will do an example for the address.

You are a genious! I'd just like to show a link to user_settings.php instead of the box <input>
Edit your code a bit by removing the input from the face of the earth.
<p>Address :<?php if($user->data()->address != ''){echo $user->data()->address;}?><?php if($user->data()->address == ''){echo "<a href='configuracion-de-la-cuenta.php' >Agregar una dirección</a>";}?></p>
Thank you very much mudmin. Greetings from Costa Rica.
Perfect. That makes sense. I love it down in Costa Rica btw...it's a beautiful country.

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