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UserSpice Alpha Testing and Development Team
Hello everyone,

@mudmin and I are reopening the alpha team to those who wish to test and develop some new features, and work with our alpha and beta branches more regularly so we can ensure good compatibility prior to doing releases. Currently we are working on a Form Builder for US to make deploying a US project easy to do within minutes of installation. If you are interested in helping with this process, please send me a PM. Those who are not used to our code yet, but can at least code PHP and of course are beginning with the US Code will be permitted to the alpha coding team, whereas those who do not and just want to work with the newer releases for testing purposes, will be permitted to the alpha testing team.

If you are interested in being directly involved in the development of UserSpice, please join our Discord Server, send me a PM and let me know which category you fall into and your email address so we have it on record.

Thank you!

Hi My name is Pete Gruessing. I am very new to spice but I love it so far! I would be more then happy to do some testing if I can help in anyway let me know.

Pete G
Hi Pete,

Thank you. I've added you on Discord to the Testing Team.

I am also interested in alpha testing and in development! But I unfortunately do not have or use Discord. is there another way?

Our primary method of communication is in Discord. If we expand our communications I'll be sure to let you know!

Thank you,
I'm interested in contributing to US
Mainly in Testing I think, but I hope I'd be helpful for some minor development tasks too.
Hi there!

Feel free to PM me on Discord and I can add you to the Alpha group!

Hi Brandin

I'm very new to UserSpice as you know, but I'm happy to help test features, workflows, UX, and stuff like that. Maybe a clueless newbie can offer a new perspective Smile

Workload is pretty heavy right now though, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to add, but happy to give back what I can.
Hi jtullett,

Not a problem, testing is mostly what we're after! If you want, join the Discord and send me a PM or put a message in General and I will add you!


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