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4.3.9 - How to modify admin_user.php
Hello all!

The customer wants to add a phone number to the registration page. That is done, now I need to modify admin_user.php to allow editing of the phone number. However, when I copy admin_user.php to the usersc folder I break the whole user management page, admin_users.php.

How can I add a phone number to admin_user.php???

Thanks for your time,

- Mike
There is a script in usersc/includes called example_admin_user_system_settings.php - copy and remove example so it is called admin_user_system_settings.php and add your stuff in there.
Except phone number is not a system setting. It should show up below the email, for example.

The text is poor-yes-but the concept is the same. If you want it on the admin_user splash screen, you'll need to copy and edit the file directly.
Did it! It was not too bad. The weird thing is that on my dev server using 4.3.9 I can move this file into the usersc folder, but on our test and production servers that have 4.3.8 I cannot.

Hmmm-that is weird. What do you mean you "can't move"? Like a server issue or error messages?
I mean copy and paste admin_user.php from users folder to the usersc folder. I do not get error messages, the functionality breaks, but only on our test and production servers.

- Mike
What do you mean it "breaks"? Are you getting error messages? Are particular things not working? Enable error reporting if you are not getting errors.

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