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Update to 4.3.16
If you upgrade to 4.3.16 you will no longer have this problem.
Ah, but without removing the spurious infinite-loop update LoI68El211ON in the 14-16 update pack I was never able to update to 4.3.16. I removed the offending lines, and now have a 4.3.16 install that I can backup and move to 4.3.17.
I ran into this same issue when migrating from 4.3.12 to the latest. I followed basically what the original thread author did and did a MySQL table insert to add the missing row #24.. Once I did that all was well and the remainder of the patches installed without issue. I just thought I'd do this followup in the off chance it helps others.
@ps23Rick - this was since resolved with an update. Patches can be applied in a manner of dumping all of the ZIPs over your project, and the most recent update.php will be the impact point and the error will not be shown.

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