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Getting Started Guide

Item Type Purpose View Details
abrev_date Function Deprecated. Do Not Use. View
addPage Function Add a permission level to a page View
addPermission Function Adds a permission level to a user View
Azure Guide Learn how to connect to an Azure database View
Backups Guide Using UserSpice's backup system View
bold Function Puts a bold message at the top of a page View
checkMenu Function Check if a user has a permission level View
checkPermission Function Checks if a user has a permission level View
Config::get Method Get configuration info from the init.php file View
Cookie::delete Method Expires cookie View
Cookie::exists Method Checks if a given cookie exists View
Cookie::get Method Get's the cookie and assigns it to a variable View
Cookie::put Method Puts a cookie on the user's system View
createPages Function Adds a page to the Database View
currentFolder Function Returns the folder your file is currently in View
currentPage Function Returns the file name of the current page (not including path) View
Customizing the Dashboard Guide Personalize your Dashboard to your liking View
Customizing UserSpice Guide The definitive guide for customizing UserSpice View
deletePages Function Deletes pages From the database View
deletePermission Function Deletes multiple permission levels View
deleteUsers Function Deletes multiple users View
display_errors Function Deprecated. Do Not Use. View
display_successes Function Deprecated. Do Not Use. View
dnd Function Provides a formatted var_dump of a variable and kills the page View
dump Function Provides a formatted var_dump of a variable View
echopage Function Echoes page name when given a page id View
echouser Function A flexible function to echo out some type of user name View
echousername Function Returns the username of the user View
email Function Send an email if properly configured View
email_body Function Predefined email templates can be stored in users/views View
err Function Puts a red message at the top of a page View
fetchAllPages Function Grabs all pages from the database View
fetchAllPermissions Function Grabs all permission levels View
fetchAllUsers Function Returns all data from the users table View
fetchPageDetails Function Returns information about a page based on id View
fetchPagePermissions Function Returns a list of permission levels that can access a page View
fetchPermissionDetails Function Returns the id and permission name of a permission level View
fetchPermissionPages Function Returns a list of pages that a permission level can access View
fetchPermissionUsers Function Retrieve a list of users who have a permission level View
fetchUserDetails Function Retrieves info on a single user View
fetchUserName Function Returns First and Last Name of user View
fetchUserPermissions Function Retrieve a list of permission levels that a user has View
Form manager advanced features Guide Advanced form processing View
Form manager basics Guide Understanding the form manager plugin View
format_date Function Deprecated. Do Not Use. View
getPathPhpFiles Function Retrieve a list of all .php files in folder View
Getting Started Guide What to do after installing UserSpice View
Hash::make Method Creates an SHA-256 hash (optionally salted hash) from a string View
Hash::salt Method Deprecated View
Hash::unique Method Create a unique, time-based hash View
hasPerm Function Allows you to check if a user group has a certain permission level View
Input::exists Method Checks if $_GET or $_POST form input exists View
Input::get Method Gets and sanitizes form input for form processing. View
Input::sanitize Method Sanitizes non form data for storage in the database View
Installation Issues Guide Learn how to diagnose common installation issues View
isAdmin Function Returns whether or not a user has permission level 2 View
Language and Translation Guide Learn how to translate UserSpice and edit translations View
Master Account Guide Understanding the Master Account system View
money Function Formats numbers to US currency format View
Monitoring additional folders Learn how to control folders with UserSpice View
name_from_id Function Returns the username when given a user's id View
pageIdExists Function Tells whether a page id is used in UserSpice View
parse_ini_file Function Internal use only View
Permission Levels Guide View
permissionIdExists Function Tells whether a permission id exists in UserSpice View
permissionNameExists Function Tells whether a permission name exits in UserSpice View
Plugin hooks Guide Learn how to use your plugins to inject code into existing UserSpice pages View
redirect Function Redirect to another page View
removePage Function Removes a page from permission_page_matches View
removePermission Function Removes a permission level from user_permission_matches View
safefilerewrite Function Write to a file without conflicts View
sanitize Function Runs PHP htmlentities on a string and returns it View
securePage Function Checks if a user has access to a page View
Security Audit - 4.4 Guide A 3rd party audited v 4.4.09 View
Session::delete Method Deletes the current session View
Session::exits Method Checks for the existence of a session View
Session::flash Method Refreshes a session View
Session::get Method Gets the value of a session View
Session::put Method Adds information to a user's session View
Session::uagent_no_version Method Returns some basic info about the visitor's system View
Setting up Email Learn how to configure your email server View
size Function Returns the size of a file View
Social Logins Guide Setup google and facebook logins (now plugins) View
Spice Shaker Guide Install official and community addons View
Templates (Themes) Guide Learn how to customize the look and feel of UserSpice View
Token::check Method Checks if the token in the session matches the token posted in the form View
Token::generate Method Generates a token and saves it to a session variable. View
Understanding Usersc Learn about the magic of the usersc folder View
updatePermissionName Function Change a permission level's name View
updatePrivate Function Toggles the private/public setting of a page View
updateUser Function Updates a single piece of user data View
Upgrading from 3.x to 4.0 Guide Learn how to make the jump View
User Management Learn how to manage your users View
user->checkUser Method Internal use only View
user->create Method Creates a new UserSpice user and returns the id View
user->data Method Provides quick access to a piece of info about a logged in user View
user->exists Method Checks if a user is logged in and the user class is instantiated View
user->find Method Finds if a user exists based on id, username, or email View
user->isLoggedIn Method Checks if a user is logged in View
user->login Method Logs in a user View
user->loginEmail Method Logs in a user with an email address instead of username View
user->logout Method Logs out a user View
user->notLoggedInRedirect Method A conditional redirect statement View
user->update Method Updates an array of fields in the user table for the logged in user View
userIdExists Function Check if user id exists View
Using the database Guide Learn how to use the database with video and text tutorials View
write_php_ini Function Provides a safe way to turn an array into an ini file View
Writing a plugin Guide See an example of how to write your own plugin View